We Know The Rules

As mentioned earlier, we are an approved agency of the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Govt. of India. We render our services for overseas recruitments along with several other services. We maintain all the standard norms while for overseas recruitment. Thanks to our long experience in this field, we came to this conclusion that the foreign sponsors/employers want skilled employees for their competitive work. It, of course, is a very complicated thing for us, however we deal with such situations in a delicate way. We start arranging everything after the advertisement of the overseas recruitment posts in India.

We furnish full facilities from inviting aspirant candidates to attend interview at our selected locations /offices as well as we advise them to undergo the following steps:

Step 1:

The first step for an out-going client is to conduct interviews under the foreign company rules. The best candidates are selected through this procedure The interview board comprises of specialists from the concerned sector to judge the skills and technical knowledge of the candidate. The selected candidates are then requested to follow the next step.

Step 2:

In this step, we conduct training workshops for the selected candidates with equal competence. For example, if we conduct interview for Drivers for Saudi Arabia, we check the Driving skill of the selected candidates. In case the person does not demonstrate his skills well during the interview, we conduct workshop to enhance their skills. Similarly if a person selected for carpentry does not demonstrate his skills very well at the time of interview, we train them to achieve perfection.

Step 3:

After interview and demonstrative training, a candidate selected for any category will come to the Step No. 3. At this stage all documents are required. After receiving the intimation on behalf of the foreign company our company gives all required details about the candidates already selected for them. We suggest our clients to be constantly in touch for the smooth completion of this procedure.
Various Fields of Recruitments:

In the field of overseas manpower services, we cover all professional fields for recruitments. Whenever we get intimation from foreign countries for skilled employees, we advertise the same in all required parts of India through our network. We recruit professionals for foreign countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Dubai, Qatar, U.K, USA etc. We cover almost in all fields e.g. Medical (Doctors & Nurses), Educational (Professors, lecturers, Teachers), Technicians (Mechanical, Electrical, Civil engineers), Libertarians ( Editors, Sub editors, Proof readers), skilled workers (Secretary, Office Managers, Office Assistants), Workers based on labour categories etc.

In this way, we fulfil very sincerely the requirements of the both; our foreign companies as well as our Indian families. It is based on facts that today millions of our countrymen are found in jobs in various countries and they provide better livelihood to their families. Our satisfaction lies in the pleasure that our clients approaching us from various parts of the country for better & highly paid jobs in abroad. We feel very happy to serve our clients as well as customers both, from foreign companies to Indian nationals.

I expect your visit to our main office or any branch offices at various locations as indicated above and will certainly encourage you to knock at our door frequently. Our purpose is to lead you towards your goal and to serve you until you reach the threshold of satisfaction.


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