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This is a very important process particularly for those who wish to do jobs in foreign countries. Here, we have to follow the rules of MEA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) very strictly. Without MEA guidelines, the process becomes null and void. We provide help to our clients to complete this process. Attestations are needed on relevant documents along with original papers from different departments. We provide all the service for mass scale recruitments for the global establishments under the Ministry of HRD and MEA. Following documents (foreign countries) are needed for attestations on the spot:.

We provide certificate attestation / authentication services for UAE, SAUDI ARABIA (KSA), KUWAIT, QATAR, BAHRAIN, OMAN, CHINA, LIBYA, NETHERLAND, EGYPT, BANGLADESH, MALAYSIA, etc…,from various Departments like HRD (Human Resource Development) state notary, concern Home Department, GAD (General Administration Department) , SDM(Sub-Divisional Magistrate), MEA (Ministry of External Affairs), Embassy and Consulate for all kind of Certificate attestation requirements like Employment visa, Family resident visa, change of profession, change of Iqama, to pursue higher education in Foreign Country, write MOH(Ministry of Health) and DOH(Department of Health) examination by Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Lab Technicians etc.

Educational Certificate - It is authenticated from concern State HRD (Human Resource Development) and GAD (General Administration Department). Non-Educational Certificate- It will not be authenticated from HRD (Human Resource Development) and GAD (General Administration Department). But some of the Embassy or Consulate attestations can be done for the following certificates.

1. Private certificate
2. Experience certificate
3. Bona-fide certificate
4. Birth certificate
5. Transfer certificate
6. Affidavit
7. Marriage certificate
8. Registration certificate
9. Power of Attorney
10. Death certificate
11. Migration certificate
12. Translation certificate
13. Divorce certificate
14. Transcript certificate
15. Legalization certificate
16. Internship/Leaving certificate.

Provisional certificate issued by University / Board / Council. This can be done if it is counter signed by the registrar of the University in which College is Affiliated. Mark lists / transcripts. In case of students going abroad for higher studies, this will be authenticated by HRD, for these candidates have to produce the original job offer letter / selection letter / invitation call letter from abroad.

All Embassy / Consulate Attestation:

1. HRD / GAD
2. MEA (Ministry of External Affairs )
3. AllEmbassy/Consulate

Non – Educational Certificate Saudi Embassy Attestation: 2

1. Home Department (Concern State )
2. SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate)
3. Ministry of External Affairs(Delhi)
4. Saudi Embassy (Delhi)

UAE Embassy Attestation: 1

1. HRD / GAD
2. MEA (Ministry of External Affairs )
3. UAE Embassy / Consulate

Attestation: UAE Embassy Attestation: 2

1. Notary (Maharashtra)
2. Home Department(Maharashtra).
3. Ministry of External Affairs(Delhi).
4. UAE Embassy (Delhi)

Oman Embassy Attestation: 1

1. HRD / GAD
2. MEA (Ministry of External Affairs )
3. Oman Embassy.v


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